Saturday, February 5, 2011

GU Cycling Club Hang Last Night

I had the good fortune of getting to hang-out at David's Pizza last night with several members of the 2011 Gonzaga University Cycling Club.  Two Wheel Transit is proud to be a major sponsor of the club this year and we look forward to having team members on shop rides and other events throughout the year.  Not only for their racing and riding abilities, but for the joy of hanging with some truly outstanding individuals.  They have some great stories from recent races and they tell them with enthusiasm punctuated by very realistic sound effects.

The reason for the gathering (if one was needed) was that the new team kits had arrived this week and this was a chance to show them off and distribute them to team members.  Two of the team members caused quite a stir at the shop yesterday when they came in with a box of the Club jerseys we had ordered for the shop.  In addition to customers coveting the new jerseys, the employees were quite smitten with them as well.

If you have not seen the design, it is quite sharp with a somewhat classic look.  The color combinations and layout are fetching as well and will really make the team members stand-out visually in the peloton, on the podium, break-aways and just milling about.  Tomas has already mannequinized one of the jerseys and has it on display in the shop.  We also have about a dozen for sale in various sizes for men and women.  

Speaking of clean looks - the iron bars over the windows have been removed (Mr. Gobachev, Tear Down This Wall!) and the visual effect on the shop is remarkable.  We can't wait for the first sunny day for all of that light to come streaming-in and illuminate all the hard work they guys have been doing in terms of cleaning and organizing.

Thank you to all of the great sponsors of this team - it wouldn't be possible without them.  We wish the Club the best this riding season and are proud to be associated with a great group of riders.  Makes you optimistic for the future just hanging around with them.

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