Sunday, May 11, 2014

Just in Time for Bike to Work Week - Construction Update

Last year during Bike to Work Week (BTWW) the shoulder at the US 195 - Cheney-Spokane Road Interchange looked like this:

The shoulder was clearly closed and not safely accessible to commuting cyclists.  I covered some of the information on the project at the time in Where Will All the Bikes Go? and Where Will All the Bikes Go? - Part 2.

This year the shoulders are open and the project is nearing its soft-opening during BTWW.  The existing ramps and shoulders are now paved, but the dedicated bike lanes, ramps and overpass will not be open until May 23 according to the WSDOT project manager on the project.  She also cautioned that even though the shoulders are open, cyclists should exercise caution since vehicles may still be moving about with ongoing construction.

Northbound Shoulder on 5/11 - Might have to slalom a few barrels
The off-ramp looks usable but is officially closed

The on-ramp and segregated bike lane which is 2-way traffic
Segregated Bike Lane which is 2-way traffic

Segregated 2-way lane leading to/from Inland Empire Way
Commuters can use the northbound shoulder and then jog over to the 2-way bike lane leading to Inland Empire Way but still need to exercise caution for moving equipment working on the interchange.

Have a great week bike commuting!

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