Friday, March 9, 2012

More on the Fox F32

Yesterday, I briefly described the function of the lock-out bypass of the Fox F32 RLC Fit front shock in Let Me Introduce You. Today I rode the bluff from one end to the other and back with the fork locked-out and unlocked respectively. Let me apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos but I think you will get the idea.

Each photo is of the left stanchion on the fork. Before riding each section I reset the little O-ring on the stanchion all the way down so it would indicate the amount of travel for each setting. The O-ring is also useful for setting the amount of sag by adjusting the air spring pressure and seeing how much of the suspension you are using in different conditions.

The first photo shows that the fork traveled about 3cm while in the fully locked-out position. That means that there was sufficient force applied from riding over terrain to activate the bypass set to about medium. A testiment to how well this works is that I never really felt anything that registered as a significant jolt during that section of the ride.

This setting is also useful since the shock does not have a remote lock-out switch on the handle bars, you have to turn the little lever on the top of the right stanchion. By being able to set it to become active when needed, you are not tasked with remembering or reaching down while riding to turn the lock-out on and off for different conditions.

This photo depicts the amount of travel with the shock set to full travel on the return trip. The suspension felt active without being mushy, but I could definitely feel it moving during standing climbs. The full travel of the shock is 100mm so it did use not all of travel even set to active mode.

Finally, some areas on the HD trails still have some moisture that turns into mud and then freezes at night. It makes for some sketchy areas when there are frozen tire tracks before the temperature rises enough to turn it back to mud. Be careful if you are riding early in the morning.

If you want more information on the F32 or Fox shocks you can check them out on

See you on the road.

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